Tips and Tricks: Helpful Jewelry Making Articles

This post is a compilation of various jewelry making articles to help anyone who wants to learn jewelry making. Use this page as a guide to jewelry making. Click on the images to find out more. We will update this page every now and then to add any helpful article on jewelry making.

Essential jewelry making pliers

Jewelry Making Tips: Wire sizes, gauges and diameters

All About Beads

How to measure the size of seed beads per inch

Cords, Wires & Threads for Jewelry Making

DIY African Helix Stitch Tutorial

DIY Ladder Stitch Beading Tutorial

jewlery making
DIY Square Stitch Beading Tutorial

jewlery making
DIY Netting Stitch

DIY How to Do Beaded Bezels

Triangle Weaving Beading Technique

How to End And Add A New Thread To Beading



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July 29, 2015

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